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LGC Switzerland

Empowering women, breaking stereotypes and creating communitIES


We’re stronger than what we’ve been taught


We lift each other up


We portray the accurate diversity within our community


Inspiration through exposure

Longboard Women United Switzerland (LWUS)

The organization behind the project “LGC Switzerland” is the association Longboard Women United Switzerland (LWUS). LWUS is a young non-profit association created in January 2020. Its headquarters are located in Lausanne, it is directed by a committee of women who do volunteer work and organize skate and longboard workshops for girls, women and everyone who would like to join.

The association gathers various communities in order to promote at the national level an alternative, committed and non-gendered vision of the practice of longboarding and its various disciplines such as longboard cruising, longboard downhill, longboard dancing, carver, skate and pumptrack.

Our values represent respect, benevolence, mutual aid, empowerment, social justice, equality, respect for the environment, non-judgment, diversity, inclusiveness, community and open-mindedness.

Part of the Longboard Girls Crew

We are part of the international Longboard Girls Crew (LGC) movement which aims to support, empower and inspire women and populations prone to social inequality as well as break down stereotypes. We believe that skateboarding and longboarding are accessible to everyone around the world. We want to create a safe, inclusive and non-judgmental atmosphere. To do so, we organize different events in Switzerland.

First of all, we propose workshops during which we accompany the participants in the learning of longboard and other skate/longboard disciplines. For this we provide equipment lie boards and protection material, so everyone can join without needing to buy the equipment in the first place. We welcome people of all ages and all levels and we help participants from the basics like pushing and braking up to more sophisticated tricks and elements. We also help them to find the suitable board and equipment.

We believe that longboarding is powerful tool for empowerment and to and break down barriers.
While the primary goal of these initiations is to encourage women to take up longboarding, men are also welcome. We want to offer at least one event per month. In 2022 we organized more than 35 events in Lausanne and Zurich.

All the events we organize are non-profit, that’s why volunteer work and donations play an important role in the smooth running of the association. In order to find the funds and infrastructures we need, we rely on sponsoring. If you wanna support us in a way, be it financially, with material, communication or connections, contact us. Thanks in advance.

Skate community in Switzerland

Finally, we have a great desire to grow the longboard community in Switzerland and we want to allow everyone to have the opportunity to meet athletes of different disciplines (street skating, park, downhill, dancing, pumptrack, slalom, cruising, bowl …). It is important to us to work for the emancipation of young women and vulnerable populations.

Without your support, we will have to revisit our objectives to ensure the sustainability of the project. While facing the difficulties which would hinder the guarantee of our actions and our values which are carried out by means of the longboard.

Street Skate Workshop in Zurich

every girl on a board is an inspiration to another girl

Es ist kompliziert! / C’est compliqué!

We are operating on a national level, mainly in Lausanne and in Zurich, addressing also international participants. This is why it is a bit tricky with the languages. We’re keeping general information in English whereas workshops and events in Romandie will be published in French and those in Zurich will be published in German.
Generally you can contact us in any of these languages. If you have a more specific question, you can contact us directly with the right address.


About the project

The organization behind the project “LGC Switzerland” is the association Longboard Women United Switzerland.

Support us

Since we are not self-supporting, we are grateful for any kind of (financial) support.

Association LWUS
IBAN: CH71 0839 0037 2652 1000 8
Adresse: Favario Marie
Avenue Mayor-Vautier 11
1815 Clarens
Numéro de compte: 372.652.100-08